A Message From The Founder and The CEO

The founder of Golrang Group, entrepreneur Professor Mohammad Karim Fazli, was born on 26 April 1932 in Toiserkan, Hamedan. He accomplished his first professional venture during his school years, serving as an assistant to his father who was a successful businessman.

Mr. Fazli, who, after getting married in his twenties, continued his business life in Tehran following the professional experiences he gained during the visits he made to Hamedan’s neighboring cities in order to enhance the welfare of his family, discovered the potential in Iran industry and worked to modernize this potential.

As the son of a soap producer, he began work with dish washing liquid production. Later on he gradually widened the product range with other detergent products such as bleaches, glass cleaning agents, liquid soaps, and softeners.

Over the years he became one of the most significant entrepreneurs of the country. Today, many of his brands are exported to numerous countries. In addition to the many awards he has won, he has also realized its dream of increasing the potential of the Iranian industry through the modernization he has enabled in the detergent industry.


A message from the CEO

The Golrang Group, which embodies numerous different companies, works with great determination to make its world-wide consumers feel healthier and more aware. As an international company, we aim for the satisfaction of our consumers from various countries, both with the quality of our products and also our service.

Throughout our 40-year journey, our employees always pursued development and new opportunities and nourished our strength and innovation mentality. Thus it became one of the most recognized and trusted international brands in every country it entered with national brands such as Home Plus, Ave, Golrang, Softlan, Merit, Spif.


The Golrang employees all over the world act with the responsibility of our 3 corporate values: Diligence, national team work and continuous development. These values come into prominence not only in the quality of our products or the reputation of our group, but also in every area in which we provide services to the public.


As a leading company, we attach great importance to investing in the technology, which is shaped in accordance with the consumer needs in the country and in the world, and to improving in this regard. Our goal is to use technology to create products that enhance the quality of our consumers’ lives, wherever they may live.


As a successful business, we have focused on consistent growth, which is required for the continuation of our national and world-wide success and which will enable us to become an even stronger company. We believe that this is the best way to provide benefit to our consumers, employees and shareholders.


Our team always aims to manage time in the most proper manner and to gain more experience. This is a process that will continue by offering different products and with the support and trust of other people. All of these bring us the success of 12,500 people working in our group, blended with novelties every day. Our experienced employees with a strong fund of knowledge work with all their strength in order to produce high quality products. Our process, which is customized for each country, allow our employees to keep their economic lives at a certain level and to develop their countries. All of these also prove the importance of our group and its role in the countries where our products are sold and marketed.


We welcome your interest and we invite you to explore the website of Arian Kimya, which is a Group company, in order to get more information regarding our company.