Our Quality Policy

To us, the quality of products should be assessed according to the customer satisfaction and this is the key to success.

We have two important strategies with strong aspects which we continue in order to ensure customer satisfaction:


1.Quality Management: Our company continuously trains its employees and when required also provides training support to those people who are employed outside the company but play a role in the company’s efficiency and performance.

Our establishment continuously reviews and improves its methods in order to increase customer satisfaction.


2. Value Chain Management: Arian Kimya sees the partnership process as a structure that comprises of the raw material producers, final product dealers and Arian Kimya itself. Within this process, it targets to transform the procurement-production-presentation chain into a team work that is aimed at achieving the consumers’ and public’s satisfaction.


The efficiency of these two strategies is based on listening to the consumers and the actualization of the comments made by them by experts of their fields in order to provide development and advancement.